This is what my manager said when I asked for a promotion

It was 2016.
I was working with an MNC at that time. I had applied for a Project Manager Position within the Company. My application was rejected. I decided to ask the reason to the hiring manager (Who was a good friend that what I thought).
I opened the door and go inside his cabin. He was sitting on a chair.
I asked him “why my application is rejected when I’m qualified for this position”. Hearing this he got up from his chair and shouted at me.

you are not fit to be a manager.

“Do you know how you walk?”

“Do you know how you talk?”

“You are not fit to be a manager?”

I could not speak a word. I felt like a loser that day. I was furious deep inside.  

I decided that day from now onwards I will not allow anyone to take control of my life. I will take 100% responsibility of my life. I will decide what I can do and cannot do. I will decide my destiny. Noone else.  

Within months I quit my high paying job and decided to do what I always wanted to do.

Helping people live their true Life.   Do you relate to this story?   Each one of us has some incident in our life when we feel lowest but these moments teach us, make us and help us grow stronger.   Share an incident where someone did not recognise WHO YOU ARE as a person and you transformed yourself.   Love to hear from you.

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