Have you ever felt you want to fire your BOSS

All of us has this love and hate relationship with our managers. I also had managers who were great friends and others who were not so great.

Have you ever felt you want to fire your BOSS. I don’t know about you but It happened with me many a times…

It happened with me when.

  1. When he took credit of my work in front of management but said I have done a good job in the private. but eventually taking credit for it.
  2. When he said his ideas are better than my ideas without listening to it completely and thinking there is no one smarter than me in the whole wide world.
  3. When I asked for a raise in the yearly appraisal. he pointed out the mistake that I did 10 months ago. even if he knew that mistake didn’t even cost a penny to the company.
  4. When he ridiculed other people and said ” aisa bhi hota hai kya” thinking all the great ideas comes to his mind only.
  5. When in the meeting with the customer and not able to find an answer and asked you to explain. but pretending he knows everything.
  6. When I was tired and asked for leave he said there is a lot of work even if there was no work.
  7. When he said you need to work on this project in 1 hours time. even if he knew that its impossible.
  8. When he gave you all the shit (sheet work) but when it comes to discussing ideas he thinks God has created him with special talents and he knows everything and everybody around him are people with less brain.
  9. When he asked me to fire employees who were good people.
  10. When he played politics within the team because he could not find a direct solution or I think was incapable.

Do you relate to any of these? Would like to hear from you. share you experiences.

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