Interview with Vishal Megamart Founder- Valuable lesson

Last week I did an Interview with Mr Ram Agarwal. The founder of Vishal Megamart and V2 Retail Ltd for my YouTube Series “How Great Minds Think”.

The purpose of these conversations is to understand and share that knowledge with everyone. I have asked them how they think when they face challenges. How they start new things when they even did not have money and other powerful insights.

This series is coming live soon on Youtube. Stay Tuned. One of the greatest traits I have observed in successful people is that they are always curious to learn new things, they always think about what is possible. 

In my opinion this is what made them live a successful and happy life. 

Mediocre people know very little about everything and they never dedicate themselves to deep learning and they live a life not true to themselves and die a life without using their true potential. 

Jim Rohn said so well ” Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune” 

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