Learn to Handle Shit!!

Learn to handle shit in your life because it works. Motivation doesn’t. Motivation work for few hours or few days. It fades away very fast.

All of us wants the best fruits (results), be it growth in career, be it more money, be it a deeper relationship with our loved ones, or amazing health. We all want the best results in our life but do we put enough thinking in understanding the root cause of our problems.  

As a metaphor, A tree produces best fruits when you put manure in its root. Just by wishing that I should get the best fruits, there is no effect on the fruit. Life is like that too if you put focus on improving yourself, you will be able to handle any situations in your life and grow beyond your problems. But the majority of the people only wants good fruit they don’t want to work on the root of problems because it’s shit out there.

What you should do? 

Learn to handle problems in your life. Embrace problems don’t avoid them. Everything has a cause and effect. When you learn to handle problems then you learn to explore them. You will know why it is failing. Suppose you are facing a financial problem go deep understand the reason why it is happening. Is it because of your product not fit for the market, service quality, sales or your mindset? 

Most of the time it is the mindset which plays 80% of the role in our success. 

Jim Rohn said it so well.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

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