My Story

My Transformation Journey

I’m an ordinary guy who grew up in a humble environment and went on to become an engineer and landed up in the corporate world. I was living the life of my dreams working in MNC but something was missing.

My Transformation journey started in the year 2008 when I felt that I’m not truly successful. I googled “what successful people do every day”. The answer that I got was that they “Meditate or sit in silence every day”. I decided to learn meditation. I learned many different types of yoga and meditation.

Meditation and Yoga is the one thing that really allowed me to live a life of freedom.

March 2016

Biggest Shock of My Life

While working on a Project in Nokia as a Project Manager I came across a survey report by Gallup Inc (a US-based employee research firm). They surveyed corporate employees at various levels in 142 countries.

What they found in that survey is that 87 Percent of employees worldwide are disengaged from their jobs. Which means that most employees do not like their jobs. They go to work every day but don’t enjoy their work.

This was the trigger point for my asking tough questions. I started asking questions. like how can people be happy and productive if they HATE their jobs?

March 2016
March 2016

Reality Check

I went into deep thinking, about why people do not like their jobs despite they are being paid well. I started talking to people within the company and started observing them closely. Talked to people like VP’s, Directors, Head of Departments and engineers.

I observed that they do not have clarity of their vision in life. A majority of them are pretending to be successful but deep inside they want to do something else.

They want to grow but they are FEARFUL.

March 2016
March 2017

Discovered My Calling

In the process of self-discovery, I discovered my calling and decided to work on this and quit my high-paying job against my family’s WISH.

Took out all the money that I had in my PF account to fund my mission.

March 2017
September 2017

On the Street

Picked up a camera and interviewed people like CEO’s, Founders, ex. Armymen and employees of companies on the street.

What I found is that some people achieve whatever they want to because they are FEARLESS despite the challenges. but at the same time, most people do not realise the potential they have and the contribution they can make to other people’s lives.

They always live in FEAR and DIE in fear. Success is just a matter of Self-Belief.

September 2017
September 2017

Created Deep Relationship Formula

Realised that the only way to Turn your Spouse into your Best friend is to “Change Yourself First”

September 2017
April 2019

First Book

Published my first book ” The Limitless You” Available on Amazon.

April 2019
March 2020


The journey continues, On a Mission to help people Rise Up and Live Deep. To make the world driven by PASSION + COMPASSION which will create Emotional well-being for Everyone

March 2020

80+ Live Events

Impacted 5000+ Lives

Learn to Handle Shit!!

Learn to handle shit in your life because it works. Motivation doesn’t. Motivation work for few hours or few days. It fades away very fast.…
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